EcoDIY Eco-house

Storing rainwater

The first step on the road to abundant water is to harvest the water that falls on your property. Even with our low rainfall, we could store more than 125 cubic meters of rain water from our house and outbuildings, which is 125000 litres or 27496 gallons – more than we would ever need to use in the house – our current yearly use for four people is about 88 cubic meters. To save water we:
 Don’t use mains water in the garden
 Save our pee to use on the compost heap so we don’t need to flush (probably our single most important water saving habit).
 We share bath water and use the water to wash the floor etc
 Only wash full loads in the washing machine and save our washing up to do once or twice a day.
 We don’t leave the tap running when washing or cleaning our teeth.

PDF on water saving