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Digging a well by hand

What you will need;

- Someone you trust to help pull up the buckets of soil.

- Some concrete pipe sections about one meter diameter (damaged ones will do fine and are much cheaper)

- A makeshift hoist with a pulley to pull up a bucket with the soil you dig out.

- A pump to keep the water down as you get deeper (optional)

- Digging tools with short handles

- Hard hat


Drill some holes in one of the pipe sections and roll it into the position where you want the well and check the level of the ground to get the sides of the pipe vertical.   Dig around the inside of the pipe until it starts to settle.

Continue digging out the soil inside the pipe until it sinks and the top is level with the surface.

Roll another pipe section (also predrilled with holes) and locate it on the top of the first pipe.